A 19-year-old won the team and solo tournaments at the Quake World Championships | PCGamesN

A 19-year-old won the team and solo tournaments at the Quake World Championships

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A 19 year old just took home both titles at the first Quake World Championships. Nikita “Clawz” Marchinsky won both the individual and team competitions over the weekend, despite competing in a tournament full of professional Quake veterans.

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Clawz made his way to the final having topped his group, before advancing to a 3-0 win in the final against Sander “Vo0” Kaasjager. While his success throughout the tournament was impressive, fans assumed he wouldn’t progress past the semi-finals, where he came up against Na’vi’s Cooller.

While Cooller took the first game in the series, Clawz stayed cool and managed to win the next two games in order to advance to the final, where he swept aside Vo0 for the second time in the tournament, having previously beaten him in the group stages.

Speaking to PCGamesN after his victory, Clawz says he has “no idea” what he plans to do with his winnings, and that he puts his victory down to “keeping his mind calm” and remembering to aim.

Not content with just one victory, Clawz continued to the team competition as part of team 2z. After defeating team NOTOFAST in the final, 2z took home another $300,000 prize. Just as in the individual competition, Clawz and his team weren’t exactly firm favourites to win - the team competition was full of veteran players, as well as a team from esports organisation Team Liquid.

Despite the odds, however, 2z managed to triumph, beating NOTOFAST 3-1 in the final to secure Clawz his second win of the tournament.

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Droniac avatar
Droniac Avatar
11 Months ago

This article isn't entirely accurate:

The Sacrifice final was played before the Duel final. This saw clawz going into the Duel final straight off the back of a tournament win.

It's misleading to refer to everyone else as veterans but not clawz and 2z. Clawz has been competing in Quake Live for years now and 2z consists of other veteran players. They may not have been as seasoned as much of the rest of the competition at QuakeCon, but they did have a lot more recent competitive experience than most: Vo0 hadn't even competed in much since 2013.

Similarly, reporting that 2z weren't firm favorites to win is odd. The analysts, casters and even players themselves kept pegging 2z as the clear favorites throughout the QCWC finals at QuakeCon. The other teams lacked their coordination in the qualifiers before QuakeCon and even more-so at the event itself. Their dominance throughout was very impressive and the final against NOTOFAST was amazing to watch, such intense and close rounds throughout.

The result is still incredibly impressive and clawz looked genuinely unstoppable in the Duel final. This despite only practicing for Sacrifice apparently! :o