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Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak: release date, operators, maps, gameplay, zombies - everything we know

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Rainbow Six Siege might be one of the best multiplayer shooters of the past few years, but its PvE experience has been lacking, especially when compared to previous Rainbow Six games. Ubisoft hope to change this with Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak, a co-op event that will launch alongside Operation Chimera and run for four weeks.

Want to know more about the Year 3 Season 1? Here are all the details on Rainbow Six Siege Chimera.

Official information on Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak has been scarce, but thanks to an ARG and a recent series of Ubisoft blog posts we now know what threat Team Rainbow will face and where. To keep you up to date, here is everything we know about Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak.

Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak release date

rainbow six siege outbreak release date

While the Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak release date was slated to be the same as the Chimera release date, Ubisoft have now confirmed the exact dates for the event - Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak will release on March 6 and run until April 3. However, Ubisoft have also said that Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak will release on the TTS on February 20, which means it really is not long before PC players will be able to sample some Outbreak gameplay for themselves.

If that is still too long to wait then not to worry as there will be a full reveal for Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak at the Six Invitational on February 18.

Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak operators

Rainbow six siege outbreak operators

Thankfully, we do not need to guess what the Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak operators will be like as Ubisoft have revealed what their names, what they look like, what CTU they are from, and their special gadgets. Here is a quote from the official blog post:

“One operator hails from France and uses a drone to maintain quarantine perimeters. Their service record is astounding, but their list of regrets seems endless.

"The other operator moved to Russia to pursue their studies and they uncovered a range of applications for self-dissolving nanobots. All allies can benefit from the research carried out by this CBRN Specialist.”

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As exciting as these gadgets sound, it is impossible to determine exactly what they do. The defender’s drones sounds like it will be capable of blocking off areas while being operated remotely, which sounds especially useful against a horde of infected enemies, not to mention in Siege’s multiplayer. As for the self-dissolving nanobots, it is possible that this is either another form of hard breacher like Hibana and Thermite. We still do not have a healer on attack, and nanobots have been linked to possible future medical procedures, so perhaps the Russian Outbreak operator will fulfill a support role similar to that of Doc.

Looking at the image, we can see a French flag on the right shoulder of the male operator at the foreground of the image. He looks to be wearing thick armour and wielding a Vector SMG with a drum magazine - we all know how deadly Mira’s Vector is. The figure in the background is therefore the female attacker with the nanobot gadget. It is harder to make out her loadout and armour rating, but she has a relatively slim profile, suggesting at least a medium speed rating for her. There is also some speculation that the rifle she is holding is the Saritch 308, a prototype battle rifle made in Russia.

Together, the two Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak operators will form the CBRN CTU, a new and entirely fictional special forces branch setup by Team Rainbow. In addition to this, a recent article posted on Ubisoft’s official site provides us with names for each operator - Lion and Finka, who represent France and Russia respectively.

There will only be a select few playable Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak operators and Ubisoft have given us the full list: Lion and Finka will be joined by Smoke, Ying, Buck, Kapkan, Ash, Doc, Tachanka, Glaz, and Recruit.

Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak trailer

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After all the codes secreted away in levels and teaser images, Ubisoft have finally released a Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak trailer. Sadly, there is no gameplay to be found, but we do get an atmospheric glimpse at the origins of the infection: a Soviet space capsule that has crash landed in New Mexico releasing its lethal cargo upon the town of Truth or Consequences.

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Another Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak trailer shows a team of SWAT members being torn apart by the infected enemies, before offering us a glimpse at Ash, who can be heard calling in some help from Team Rainbow. There is no new information in the trailer - although it is wonderfully atmospheric - but it does offer us a look at Ash's Elite skin. You can watch it above.

Finally, the latest Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak trailer gives us a better look at the infection itself and also showcases Ash, Thermite, and Lord Tachanka discussing the mission. Check it out below.

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Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak maps

Rainbow six siege outbreak map

A recent blog post from Ubisoft has revealed that there will be three Rainbow Six Siege Outbreaks maps to play through when the event launches. These maps will only be playable during the coop event, but are promised to be larger and more open than PvP maps, with huge sections set entirely outdoors. The blog post also says that the maps will be much more linear and feature a clear sense of progression that suits the coop gameplay. On top of this, Ubisoft promise that the same Rainbow Six Siege gameplay will be viable in Outbreak, saying multiple paths and destruction are still very much present in this event.

But where will these three Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak maps be set within Truth or Consequences? If we look back to the ARG for Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak one image (pictured above) from the second unlocked ARG file springs to mind. The image highlights two locations from a bird’s-eye view of the city: Resort and Hospital. Above the image are some hastily scrawled instructions: investigate black spots. While by no means official, the image could be teasing the locations of two of the three Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak maps.

Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak gameplay

rainbow six siege outbreak lion finka

We have not played it, but thankfully Ubi have provided an overview of the Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak gameplay we should be expecting from the coop event, not to mention its difficulty levels. Here is what they say: “Players must react quickly to fortify their positions and control their environments while under pressure. Play smartly and tactically to find new ways of using your arsenal, against a foe that does not take cover and engages instantly in close combat.

"There are two difficulty levels in Outbreak. The first one, Normal, will give a challenge to our players, but one they can overcome with coordination and team spirit. Where the real fun starts though, is with the second difficulty level: Pandemic. In this mode, friendly fire is on so watch where you are shooting! Additionally, enemies can take you down with only a few hits. Smart tactical play and team play are the only way to prevail. In this punishing difficulty mode, only a select few will succeed… Will you be brave enough to dare it?"

Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak zombies

Rainbow Six Siege outbreak apex

Over the course of a lengthy Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak ARG, some teases via Twitter, and a bevy of blog posts we have a pretty clear idea of the threat facing Team Rainbow in Truth or Consequences.

For starters, the enemies of Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak are no standard zombies. There are five types of foe in Outbreak, and they appear to have spawned from a parasitic infection that was brought to Truth or Consequences by a crashed Soviet satellite. The infection reinforces the bones of its host and takes over their body, turning them into brutal killing machines that can take a lot of damage and deal plenty out as well.

Here are the five Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak enemy types:


As the name suggests, Grunts are the most common enemy type in Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak. They become much tougher when they detect an enemy, sprouting extra armour that makes it more resistant to bullets. Want to take Grunts down with ease? Use stealth.


Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak’s Breachers are highly agile proximity bombs. They can destroy indestructible walls and launch themselves from great distances - avoid these monsters at all costs.


You will not encounter too many Rooters during Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak, but that is probably for the best as these are some of the trickiest monsters to defeat. Rooters send waves of coral spikes at you from range that deal damage and temporarily immobilise operators caught in their wake. On top of this, Rooters almost never stand still, making them very difficult to kill, and when you have nearly killed one they get even more dangerous.


In the case of Smashers, the parasite reinforces its body with a thick hide that can shrug of small arms fire with ease. Like Breachers, Smashers can also tear down walls, but will not incur any damage for doing so.


Apex is the toughest form of the Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak infection. It sets waves of other infected at your team rather than attack you on its own. They can also lob blinding projectiles that can only be countered by Finka and Doc. Taking down an Apex is a proper test of your squad’s skill and coordination.

We will update this page with fresh Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak information as soon as Ubisoft provide more details on the upcoming event.

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