Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid: operators, release date, map - everything we know

Rainbow six siege blood orchid

Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid is very nearly upon us, bringing with it not two, but three new operators, a new Hong Kong map, and a batch of new weapons. Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid will also feature a major operator rework as part of the mid-season reinforcements program that was suspended during Operation Health. Essentially, the release of Blood Orchid marks Siege’s return to normal working procedure, complete with regular content updates. It all promises to overhaul the game’s meta, which is in desperate need of a reshape after six months of stagnation.

New to Siege? These are the Rainbow Six Siege operators you should be taking into battle.

There’s plenty of information that's yet to be confirmed about the upcoming third season of content, however, like the gadgets and roles of the three new operators, the map’s exact layout, and when exactly you’ll be able to get your hands on the new operators. Join us as we clarify everything we know about Rainbow Six Siege Operation Blood Orchid.

Rainbow Six Siege Hong Kong operators

Rainbow six siege blood orchid operators

Thanks to some datamining, we already have a solid idea of what to expect from both Rainbow Six Siege Hong Kong operators, but a total absence of official news means we could still be in for a surprise when Ubisoft Montreal drop the curtain on August 29.

Recent leaks have revealed the names of all three new operators, and while the names of the Hong Kong operators differ from the ones that were datamined a few months ago, their loadouts and gadgets seem consistent.

Rainbow Six Siege Caltrop/Lesion

rainbow six siege blood orchid caltrop

When we first heard about Caltrop it was due to a spot of datamining, which gave us the operator name and and a solid hint at the gadget. This was all but confirmed in an Operation: Health dev diary, where a one-second pan over the operator menu appeared to show new icons for SDU operators. Redditor ruk_ had a go at recreating these icons, which you can see above and in the Dazzler section.

More recently, full character art and a profile for the new Rainbow Six Siege operator was leaked to Reddit that gave him the name Lesion, not to mention some more information on his gadget. For starters, the character art for Lesion shows off a poison canister, while his operator icon is barbed version of a caltrop. According to additional leaks, Lesion’s gadget is a cloaked mine that injects enemies with a compound that injures them and slows their movement.

Datamining also unearthed Lesion’s primary weapon: you’ll be racking up kills with a JS9 SMG. The JS9 is a Chinese bullpup SMG that fires 9mm rounds. Internally, it’s identical to the Chinese QCW-05 SMG, albeit smaller. While the Hong Kong Special Duties Unit are generally synonymous with the MP5 SMG, this wouldn’t be the first time Ubisoft Montreal have outfitted Rainbow Six Siege operators with gear that isn’t used by their real-life counterparts.

Rainbow Six Siege Dazzler/Ying

rainbow six siege blood orchid dazzler

Much less can be gleaned from the name of the other Rainbow Six Siege Hong Kong operator, Dazzler, or Ying if more recent leaks are to be trusted. One obvious clue is that Ying will, quite literally, dazzle enemies with some form of flashbang grenade, strobe light, or concussive device.

A leak of Ying’s operator description appears to confirm this, saying that her gadget is a cluster of flash charges that can either be anchored to a wall or rolled like a grenade. This bulks out a niche attacking tactic that’s currently only adopted by Blitz, who can blind enemies to make killing them easier.

As for Ying’s weapon? The universally recognisable QBZ-95 bullpup assault rifle will be your go-to primary tool. This Chinese-made family of rifles comes in a number of variants though, so it’s difficult to lock down how this rifle will handle. However, the QBZ-95 is chambered for a 5.8×42mm DBP87, which is known for its accuracy and armour-penetration values. Expect to see some high damage values.

Rainbow Six Siege Polish operator

The first Rainbow Six Siege Polish operator was initially revealed via a teaser gif from the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account. It might just be a gif of a hand, some jeans, and a gun barrel, but there’s a lot of info secreted away in such minutiae, like the feminine hands, assault rifle, and light armour. We even have a rough idea of what she’s called, as if you download the teaser gif you can see “ELA_ART_TEASER_2” in the file name.

Leaks appear to confirm this, with a full operator description revealing her gadget and role. The biggest surprise was that, supposedly, she’s a defender, making her the only defensive operator other than Jäger to equip an assault rifle. Her Grzmot Mine gadget is a set of proximity concussion mine that anchors to walls, impairing hearing and causing a dizzying effect.

Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid release date

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The all-important question: when can you play Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid? The Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid release date is August 29, 2017. The new Blood Orchid content will be shown off in full at Gamescom 2017 as part of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League season finals. It’s worth noting that only Year 2 Pass owners will be able to play the new Blood Orchid operators on August 29 - they will unlock for other players on September 5. The Hong Kong-based Theme Park map will be available for all players on August 29.

Rainbow Six Siege Hong Kong map

rainbow six theme park hong kong

The last major piece of content awaiting us when Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid releases, is a new map called Theme Park. Based on Hong Kong’s largest theme park, Ocean Park Hong Kong, the new Rainbow Six Siege map was initially teased on the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account with a simple image of three characters from the Chinese alphabet daubed on an old, crumbling wall. Fans quickly sussed out that it read ‘amusement park’.

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Ubisoft Montreal have also released a teaser trailer for Theme Park that’s packed with clues about the rooms and environments we’ll be breaching when Blood Orchid comes out on August 29. Watch it above. It looks like the bulk of the action will take place in single building with a house of horrors section and an arcade hall.

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Shortly after, the map appeared on the Rainbow Six Siege Tactical Board for a few hours before being taken down. Naturally, many people (like YouTuber coreross, whose video you can watch above) recorded it and put it online for us to gawp at and fawn over. From the aerial viewpoint afforded by the Rainbow Six Siege Tactical Board, we can tell it’s a large map with almost no external breaching points. However, there does appear to be a large glass-panel section on the roof of the main building; ideal for a rappelling assault.

That’s everything we know about Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid. Let us know if we missed anything in the comments below.

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