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Ubisoft plan to deal with dropshotting in Rainbow Six Siege

rainbow six siege dropshotting fix

Dropshotting is pretty common technique across fast-paced online shooters, where you encounter an enemy, go prone to disorient them and limit your own hitbox, then fire to take them down. It’s especially common in the Call of Duty franchise, but the tactic has seen use in pretty much every game that can support it, including Rainbow Six Siege.

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Even if Siege is faster-paced than a true simulation-style shooter, many players aren’t especially happy about the decidedly unrealistic tactic cropping up in a game themed around real-world tactics, nor the way it disrupts the traditional skill of aiming for headshots.

The developers agree, and community manager Ludo says the team “are not particularly happy with dropshotting, and we are planning to do something about it in the future.” There’s currently no estimated time for the change, as it’s low on the overall priority list.

As for why a quicker fix hasn’t been implemented, Ludo says in a follow-up comment that “it can't be fixed because it's not broken.” He adds “it's a feature that currently exists in the game, and we are not happy about how it works. That's why we are planning to change it, but it's not as simple as it seems and we are working on many more fixes and improvements at the same time.”

A recent AMA also revealed a few other features and fixes on the way for Siege, including a rework for Tachanka and new shield operators.

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The DJ avatarRoemello Skuggs avatar
The DJ Avatar
The DJ(11 days 10 hours played)
3 Months ago

Hopefully, they change by possibly making it slower for you to go prone while you are shooting? Or maybe change how the bullets connect? I don't know how they would fix it, but hopefully, they do change how it works completely so we can either kill them easier or make them harder to kill you doing so.

Roemello Skuggs Avatar
Roemello Skuggs(67 days 12 hours played)
3 Months ago

Saying something like this runs the risk of provoking kids to do it more, if they know it isn't high on the list of priorities.