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Rainbow Six Siege leak reveals next season's weapons

rainbow six siege italy operators maestro alibi

Earlier this week, redditor Artex3 revealed that Alibi and Maestro are Rainbow Six Siege’s Italian operators. Now, the leak extraordinaire has unearthed some of the weapons which will be added to the game alongside them. 

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According to Artex3’s latest leak, achieved via a client dump, next season will see some suitably italian weapons being added to Rainbow Six Siege including an SMG, light machinegun, and revolver.

rainbow six siege italy operators alibi maestro

Here are the weapons which were unearthed:

  • StormMX4
  • AMELIMG82 
  • Baliff410
  • Rhino_D40

In addition, Artex3 found confirmation that Maestro’s gadget is not the bulletproof camera. Instead, there were references to the auto turret gadget, which was added several seasons ago. The files seem to suggest the auto turret is deployable, and Maestro’s movement will be impacted also by his gadget.

There is currently no confirmed date for Rainbow Six Siege Year Three Season Two.

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