Rainbow Six Siege’s best defender, Ela, will be nerfed in the next patch | PCGamesN

Rainbow Six Siege’s best defender, Ela, will be nerfed in the next patch

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It’s 2018, which means patch notes come from Twitter replies to esports players rather than in official announcements. Ela is one of Rainbow Six Siege’s more broken operators, a must-pick in professional matches and a terror on ladder. She’ll be receiving a nerf in the next patch, with notes available before the end of the week.

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Here’s Craig Robinson, community manager for Siege, with the announcement but zero details:

He’s replying to Fabian Hällsten, a player for Penta Esports and their team captain. They won the pro league in the first season of 2017. The main complaints, at least according to the subreddit (and PCGamesN resident operator Jordan Forward), come down to her gun - it’s a fast firing SMG with high damage and decent accuracy plus a huge number of rounds per mag, a bit of an all-in-one combo. She also has good abilities and moves quickly, which at least gives Ubisoft a suite of possibilities for what to nerf.

Ubi haven’t announced when the patch notes or attached update will be available, but it should mean Ela will be fixed before the Invitational in mid-February. That’s the culmination of the last year of competition for the game, so they’ll want things to be as shipshape as possible.

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7uschy avatarNicestDude avatarfuxemova avatar╰╯ avatar
fuxemova Avatar
6 Months ago

7uschy is wrong. It's not just little kids crying over Ela being OP. It's 97% of the community complaining because she IS broken. Ela is exploited every single round of every match, by someone. Every balanced operator is situational, except Ela. Her movement speed and gun are too perfect together. This is the going to be the best move Ubisoft could do for Rainbow Six Siege in 2018.

7uschy Avatar
6 Months ago

All the lil kids crying cus ela is "op" just cus they are bad . This guy doesn't represent the whole r6 community. Since operation health the game is going down

NicestDude Avatar
6 Months ago

Dude, who are you? Go play counterstrike. What's your clearance level, like 80? You obviously have never experienced a high level of ranked. Calling these pros ""Lil kids" and "bad"? Idiot.

╰╯ Avatar
6 Months ago

Anyone who thinks Ela is balanced probably mains Ela because he can't play any other operator that requires skill lmao