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Roccat's Kone AIMO might just be the most beautiful RGB gaming mouse ever made

Roccat Kone Aimo gaming mouse

Roccat’s latest Kone mouse is one of the few products that looks more impressive in your hands than in air-brushed marketing images. What might normally seem an excessive use of RGB has been completely justified by the resulting beauty. This rodent may have eaten a few too many blocks of cheese, but within its substantial shell, the Roccat Kone AIMO packs a rock-solid sensor, built-in memory, and plenty of macro functionality to back up its good looks.

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The marketing images for the Roccat Kone AIMO are deceiving in a few ways - I don’t think it’s at all intentional, mostly because it’s probably to the Kone AIMO’s detriment. No image of this mouse will fully let you grasp the sheer size of it. If you don’t like a hefty mouse then look elsewhere. It’s not small, or lightweight, but it packs plenty of added extras in for the size.

What really makes the Kone AIMO stand out, and I mean really stand out, are the multi-zone lighting areas. AIMO allows for a colour spectrum that consistently sways and flickers naturally between colours. But even without this feature activated, the implementation of colour through the multiple independent lighting zones is stunning.

Roccat Kone Aimo models

I’m not normally one to fall head over heels for RGB alone, but someone at Roccat has an exceptional grasp of colour theory, and it shows within the Kone AIMO. The light within the unit is localised to specific lighting zones embedded under the shell, which prevents any unwanted lighting spilling out from any cracks or crevices on the design. Of course, you are more than free to mix-up colours as you see fit… and often to mixed success.

The AIMO lighting can sync with multiple other devices including the recently launched Horde AIMO. We haven’t got this in the office to test, but if this keyboard can match the lighting intensity of the Kone AIMO, then Roccat are onto a winner among aesthetically-driven builds with the potential pairing. You also gain the use of Roccat’s Easy-Shift tech that not only adds another dimension to your mouse buttons as a standalone feature, but also works with assigned macros on compatible keyboards.

Roccat Kone Aimo gaming mouse

Of course, lighting isn’t everything. Luckily, Roccat seem to be well aware of this, and haven’t only created a beautiful shell but also filled it with trusted componentry. The Owl-eye sensor is a rebadged PixArt 3361, which will offer you up to 12,000 DPI (for the two people that use it). You get what you expect from the 3361: it’s accurate and responsive, and you’ll hear no complaints from me toward it.

The Roccat Swarm software is one of the better implementations for macro and lighting controls we’ve come in contact with so far, and thanks to the built-in 32-bit ARM MCU with 512KB of onboard memory, the mouse can process macros independently from the software to speed things up.

While it’s MSRP is a little steep and somewhat disconcerting for some at $80 / £70, you can often find this mouse at a considerable deal less with a quick search - which swiftly mellows any potential doubts over value for money. It’s quick, well-built, accurate, and it’s exceptionally pretty. What more do you want? A left-handed version? Um... sorry, but that’s a no-go.

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