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Rocket League 1.05 has landed; filter out PS4 players and play ranked season 1

Rocket League

If we all talked like movie trailers, we’d be calling Rocket League the surprise smash of the year. The drop-in, drop-out, shake-it-all-about party game of the decade. In combining those two most masculine fixations, cars and football, Psyonix somehow built the inclusive Steam diversion to unite us all.

Oddly enough, patch 1.05 is about dividing Rocket League’s players, if that’s what they’d prefer. PC and PS4 rocketeers have previously played together in perfect cross-platform harmony. But from today, we can filter PlayStation players out of matchmaking search. 

Our Fraser didn’t really see the benefit of reducing potential matches in his Rocket League 1.05 roundup last week. I suppose it eliminates that eternal argument about differing control methods, at least, on the off-chance you’re using a keyboard.

Elsewhere there’s the beginning of Ranked Season 1 - crucial, you’d imagine, if Rocket League is to grow as an e-sport - and the addition of multiple Ranked Season Divisions with post-Season Division placement rewards. In the same vein, Psyonix have been working to improve the game’s spectator mode.

You’ll find Ranked Solo Standard back in the online match queue, and a number of tweaks to the Utopia Coliseum arena. The developers have also tackled a  loading screen sound crash - so players can appreciate the music player interface now welded to every menu.

Finally, there’s a slot for featured videos in the game’s blog roll, and a variety of new flags. Here are the patch notes. Think you’ll chase after a big, bouncy ball this weekend?

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1N07 avatarJeremy Peel avatarFlappers avatar
1N07 Avatar
2 Years ago

I don't really see any benefit to separating PS4 and PC players...

The control difference argument isn't valid at all...

Even if you play only against PC players, there are still going to be people who use a controller against those rare one's who don't...

Jeremy Peel Avatar
2 Years ago

That... makes sense. Given that, I can't think of any benefits either.

Flappers Avatar
2 Years ago

2 benefits I can think of...

1. Lower matchmaking times. Quicker to get into games.

2. Less toxicity and flaming all around, as the PS4 players can only use the quickchat to PC players and vice versa