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Black Friday SSD deals

SSD Black Friday deals

When it comes to PC components, it’s all about the SSD or Black Friday graphics cards deals. We’ve got the latter covered and now it’s time to see what bargain joy we can squeeze out of the SSD on Black Friday.

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With those accursed Apple iPhones trying to steal all the flash memory in the known world, trying to get a good price on an SSD has been rather tricky. But we’ll be trawling all the main component retailers across the globe to track down the best Black Friday SSD deals for you.

But if you come across any brilliant Black Friday deals don't hesitate to drop a link in the comments thread below for your fellow humans. Share and enjoy!


UK SSD Black Friday deals

Amazon | Overclockers | Ebuyer | BT Shop | PC World | Novatech | Scan


Crucial MX300 | 275GB | 2.5-inch SATA | 14% off | Amazon - £73

They may not be the fastest SSDs around right now, but the MX300 will still blaze past any HDD sitting in your rig. And you get a little more storage space for your money too, and on an SSD that normally comes at a premium.



Samsung 850 EVO | 250GB | 2.5-inch SATA |16% off | Amazon - £80

Our favourite SSDs though are still the Samsung drives, and the 850 EVO is still the price/performance hero of the 2.5-inch drives even now. There's not a huge amount off the standard price, but at £80 it's still a good deal.



Samsung 960 EVO | 250GB | M.2 NVMe | Amazon - £117

If you want raw speed, however, you can go for a new-fangled M.2 drive - if your motherboard has a spare socket that it. They're absolutely the fastest SSDs, and Samsung is ruling the roost in M.2 land too.



SanDisk Ultra II | 480GB | 2.5-inch SATA | 10% off | Amazon - £135

SanDisk make ultra-reliable SSDs (see what I did there?) so they're definitely worth a look, especially when their Ultra drives are available at a knock down price. For the performance, and capacity, this is a good price right now.



Crucial MX300 | 1TB | 2.5-inch | 11% off | Amazon - £205

But if it really is all about size, then the 1TB version of Crucial's MX300 range is a great price at less than 21p per GB of pacey SSD storage. Maybe as a second Steam library...




US SSD Black Friday deals

Amazon | Newegg | B&H | Tiger Direct | Best Buy 


Samsung 850 EVO | 250GB | 2.5-inch SATA | Newegg - $90 

Samsung are the SSD supremos, and the 850 EVO is our favourite 2.5-inch drive when it comes to its mix of great price and top-end SATA performance. This is the cheapest we've found the drive for in the US.



Crucial MX300 | 525GB | 2.5-inch SATA | 13% off | Amazon - $130

But if you want raw capacity then Crucial's MX300 range is a great shout. They're not quite as quick as the Samsung 850 EVOs, but they offer a lot more space for your money.




PNY CS900 | 240GB | 2.5-inch SATA | 14% off | Newegg - $77

Drop in Newegg's eNewsletter promo code and you'll get an extra saving on this 240GB SSD. PNY may not be the first name that comes to your mind when you think of storage, this 2.5-inch drive is still pushing up to the limits of SATA.



WD Blue | 250GB | 2.5-inch SATA | $10 off | Newegg - $80

Another Newegg eNewsletter promo code will net you $10 off this Western Digital Blue SSD. Like the PNY it's running at the same sort of speeds as some of the best 2.5-inch SATA drives around, and is a decent price with the discount.


Best of the best

Knowing whether a specific deal is worth it is one thing, but there's also a good chance there'll be savings to be had on the best gear out there too. We've picked the best SSDs, in a number of categories, to give you the best prices on the top kit today.

Best SSD

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Best budget SSD

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