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Star Citizen's biggest ships featured in new trailer, Idris frigate nearly ready to launch

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Elite: Dangerous may have planetary landings, but Star Citizen has large ships that you can walk around inside. The biggest of these are the capital ships, and they just got a couple of luscious new videos as part of Star Citizen's fourth anniversary celebrations.

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The Star Citizen fourth anniversary livestream included a segment near the beginning in which vehicle art director Nathan Dearsley takes you on a tour of the Bengal carrier, Idris frigate and Javelin destroyer, but you can watch the same segment independently here. The capital ships also got a brand new trailer, set against some beautiful music, which you can watch above.

Between the two videos we're treated to many luscious interior and exterior shots of the capital ships, which boast cavernous cargo bays, hangars to launch smaller fighters, crew quarters with pool tables, and busy bridges with holographic planetary displays.

If you're a Star Citizen player, you'll no doubt want to know when you can get your hands on one of these. In the 'behind the scenes' video, Dearsley lays out the state of development of each of the big three. The Idris, the first of the big ships to be announced, has only one room left to finish.

A limited number of Idrises and Javelins went onsale over the weekend, with 200 of the former and 50 of the latter to be sold in four allotments. The Bengal carrier is the largest flyable ship in the game right now, and seems rather harder to get hold of. Here's developer Ben Lesnick, on the Star Citizen forums:

"The idea is that we've seeded a couple of them out there in the universe, rendered derelict by a Vanduul (or other) attack. Players can go out there, find them and fix them up. It's basically a conciet to get around the idea that the UEE would never actually let someone have such a ship."

There's no word yet on exactly when these ships will be added to Star Citizen, but when they are, we'll know, thanks to the newly-public production schedule.

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midimaker avatarShriven avatarB0GiE-uk- avatarWhiteCrow avatar
midimaker Avatar
1 Year ago

CIG, always talking about stuff that's "coming soon".

Would be nice if they did a trailer to coincide with a release for once...

Shriven Avatar
1 Year ago

Logged in over the weekend. Still as baffled about the state of the game now as I was a year ago.

B0GiE-uk- Avatar
1 Year ago

Tried and failed to get my joystick working on star citizen. Not happy, they can't even get the basics right....

WhiteCrow Avatar
1 Year ago

Couldn't help but imagine a "I <3 Uranus" bumpersticker on the back of one of those.