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Star Citizen shows off new and improved first-person gunplay in 60fps video

Star Citizen

Star Citizen's FPS gameplay keeps improving, just as development keeps rolling on for the massively ambitious space sim, and it appears it's getting very close to a standard Cloud Imperium Games can be happy with.

Our list of the best space games was made for projects like Star Citizen. 

It seems like the developers are happy with this progress too, as they've released a 60fps gameplay video showing off the in-game shooting. 

The five-minute video takes us on a shooty tour of Port Olisar, as the person behind the controls takes pot shots at glass bottles and other debris, sending them flying across the room. 

Once they're bored of shooting inanimate objects, it's on to shopkeepers and eventually other goons with guns, each of them taking cover and returning fire on the player. 

The video certainly shows the potential of the on-foot gameplay, and I can already think of some brilliant scenarios the developers could create with it in Squadron 42 - imagine blowing a hole in a capital ship's hull and ejecting, floating inside the ship to continue the battle with your rifle. 

This is without even considering the sort of emergent fun you could have when griefing other players in the persistent universe.

Unfortunately I can't embed the video, but you can head to the Roberts Space Industries site and check it out yourself.

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primal avatarbrmorgen82 avatarholmesc avatarBOT #00001 v3.2 avatarSpacemanJupiter avatar
primal Avatar
1 Year ago

All the haters keep on moaning because the game keeps on owning

Good job CIG keep it coming

brmorgen82 Avatar
1 Year ago

Not sure if you watched the video but that was hardly "owning", I'd say it was about on par with half life 2, which came out 12 years ago.

It was a mistake to try and superglue a first person shooter on top of interactive space sim MMO, the MMO part is difficult enough in and of itself. Not sure where all the "haters moaning" are, perhaps only in your crazy thoughts?

holmesc Avatar
1 Year ago

There's been exessive doubters voicing their opinion's loudly. Either you live under a rock or you are one of them trying to debunk people.

BOT #00001 v3.2 Avatar
1 Year ago

Yeah how dare they push the envelope instead of putting out another rehashed game. The nerve!

SpacemanJupiter Avatar
1 Year ago

Last time I was in this area it didn't look nearly this good and ran between 10 and 15 fps. Also, my mouse smoothing isn't nearly that special.. something smells here unless that much has improved in 2 weeks.