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Topic of the Week: Has CitizenCon 2015 changed your opinion of Star Citizen?


Star Citizen's ambition is both its biggest asset and its biggest cause for concern. I've been cautiously following its development since the game first pinged on my holographic space radar, wondering if it will ever realise its ambition and reach the stars, or whether it will just burn up as it comes back down to Earth.

Did you know Star Citizen's pace of funding has accelerated, powered by new backers

Don't get me wrong, I've always wanted Star Citizen to succeed, but the things it's trying to accomplish seem like they're plucked from a dream. It's so crammed with features and ideas that one wonders whether it will ever be finished. At least, that's what I wondered.

Many of those concerns have been laid to rest, however, since watching this year's CitizenCon livestream. Seeing the opening of Squadron 42 and getting a look at some of the veteran acting talent, including Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson and Gary Oldman, has convinced me the world is going to be convincingly constructed, if nothing else. 

If Foundry 42, the team behind the game's campaign, can come up with scenarios that take advantage of all the aspects of Star Citizen - rather than pushing you through a spacey corridor - Squadron 42 could be incredible. And that's just a portion of the game. 

What really sold me on Star Citizen was the alpha 2.0 demonstration. It was slow paced, but Cloud Imperium Games managed to showcase all the facets of gameplay, from flight to ground combat to zero-G jetpacking. And I quite liked the pace.

Games with constant action are fine, but action can feel so much more exhilarating when it suddenly punctures a moment of calm. Think of an unforeseen firefight breaking out when slowly patrolling in Arma 3 and you'll know what I mean. Action is best when it has something to contrast against.

There's plenty of scope for spectacle, too. Imagine accidentally jumping out of warp in a personal ship only to come face to face with a massive dreadnought. Potentially you could turn off your engines and sneak away, or launch a surprise attack. Maybe you could float to the outside of your ship and try and sneak aboard using zero-G flight.

Who knows. There could be some truly inventive ways of resolving conflict. The systems are there, it just needs to be presented in a way it can create this sort of scene from player-led, emergent moments.

So that's what I think. Now I want to know what you lovely lot think. Did you always feel it was going to be special? Perhaps you think it's doomed to failure. Maybe you're like me and you were cautiously optimistic before seeing the project finally start to come together at CitizenCon.

Whatever you thoughts  - as long as they're about Star Citizen - we want to know them. 

The comments are yours, Commander.

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Dimuscul avatarmidimaker avatarShriven avatarRAYfighter SK avatarCGPepper avatarTheMadGolemSC avatar+1
Dimuscul Avatar
2 Years ago

I just think it is a matter of time. I wouldn't worry about the drama, just wait and see how the game is evolving ... doomsayers can say whatever they want, but it's getting momentum (compare 2.0 with Gamescom presentation).

They have finished a lot of background tech, merged different branches and are close to the first universe alpha.

It takes time, like every damn good game, but it seems it will be worth it.

Shriven Avatar
2 Years ago

I had doubts before I went to citizencon. They were quashed within 20mins of the presentation. Im not usually swayed by fancy production values and with 10 years sales experience under me, I can usually telll if someone is just grandstanding.

Its gonna be a wonderful game.

But, some of the fans are borderline fanatic. I overheared a chap talking about how he flew from Utah to Manchester just from the Con and so far, has spent over $25,000 buying one of every type of ship. I nearly shit a brick. Madness.

With support like that, It cant not be good.

CGPepper Avatar
2 Years ago

Ive been a backer since before we had anything to play at all. And when you actually follow day to day development, "critique" similar to what Derek Smart spews out seems like nothing but a desperate attempt to get attention by going after the biggest fish. There is no valid criticism there what so ever. That being said, SC has a few serious issues, but lets keep that for an other discussion.

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KeefBaker Avatar
2 Years ago

I think it helped quash some of my fears. I backed it from day one but find the people spending thousands on pretend ships for a game that doesn't exist a little.... odd...

Seeing actual movement and the release of some great videos has managed to raise my hopes somewhat.

If they actually manage to achieve what they want to achieve this could be the greatest game ever. If they truncate their plans for whatever reason, it still has the chance to be amazing.

RAYfighter SK Avatar
2 Years ago

Yes, I always felt this is going to be special. I loved Privateer, Freelancer, never liked Wing Commander (not so much into dogfights), and i completely ignore FPS games. Frankly, I always wanted the original Elite feeling of game, 2001: A Space Odyssey, but Elite:Dangerous only offers airplanes dogfight in space. So I went to Star Citizen, in a hope that it will be more like Freelancer revival, not Wing Commander revival. It seems to be going to be both. And the demo reminded me of the movie Gravity. Which is great, finally realistic space. Just like you said, wonderfully slow paced gameplay. I get bored within minutes playing "games with constant action". Brainless.

TheMadGolemSC Avatar
2 Years ago

I had my doughts before CC 2015 and I was on the verge of joining Derek's black knights. Until I realise hed was behaving like a thunderc*nt and Character Assassinating The Community and Doxxing CR by revealing his daughter's name.

midimaker Avatar
2 Years ago

Yes and no. The alpha 2.0 demo reminded me of Gravity and that was the first film I have ever watched that I skipped through, as boring as watching paint dry. Was not good that SC reminded me of that.

Visually it looks great but until the visuals are backed up by solid examples of gameplay then I'll remain skeptical. Like, the pirate ship attack was awful imo cos youse could hardly see what was happening and the connie has yawwing around as fast as a fighter...

The UI looks crap, IM is crap, the FM is crap... /sigh