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The games industry can keep self-regulating lootboxes, says industry lobbyist

Update, February 16: The Entertainment Software Association has defended the videogame industry's ability to regulate sales of loot boxes.

The Entertainment Software Association say that the videogame industry takes its "reponsibility to consumers very seriously," following criticism from Hawaiian state legislators.

How exactly do Battlefront 2's loot boxes work? Here's how.

In a statement issued to, a spokesperson from the ESA says that the industry "continually works to create greater awareness and transparency" about the full range of its practices, and that while "some consumers and parents may have questions about how loot boxes work, and ESA has demonstrated a commitement to providing information to guide consumers, especially parents, in their purchase descisions."

Meanwhile, state representative Sean Quinlan says he expects other states to follow the example set by Hawaii in attemting to "curb the proliferation of gambling mechanics in games that are marketed to children."


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hfm avatarBraneman avatarTsunamiWombat avatarWhiteCrow avatarllubtoille avatar
Braneman Avatar
7 Months ago

Yeah they aren't going to self regulate, this is where the money is whales can pull in literally tens of thousands of dollars. A month. Not over the lifespan of the game, a month. Nobody is going to let go of that unless the law literally tells them to stop.

TsunamiWombat Avatar
7 Months ago

This. Self regulation is a pipe dream as long as fiduciary responsibility exists.

hfm Avatar
7 Months ago

I was looking for the "Point and Clickbait" tag... Can't believe this is actually real..

WhiteCrow Avatar
5 Months ago

Man I really hope this comes to pass. It's about time shit like this gets put in check.

llubtoille Avatar
5 Months ago

Over 21 so doesn't really impact me, but would still like to know the 'odds' on what I'm buying. Be kinda nice if everything had to display an 'expected lifespan' while they're at it.