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Pepe the Frog creator gets meme removed from the Steam marketplace

Banned Pepe

Images of controversial meme Pepe the Frog that were being sold in the Steam Marketplace have been removed. The character’s creator, Matt Furie, issued DMCA takedowns to Valve who then blocked the images.

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Several emoticons, all of which can be bought on the market place, have been affected by the takedown. While they still exist, icons in inventory, showcases, and chat appear as blank images. They now come with a note that reads “emoticon art currently unavailable due to DMCA takedown notice submitted on behalf of Matt Furie.”


Pepe the Frog was first created by Furie in the 2005 comic series Boy’s Club, and became a popular meme across several sites, including 4chan. Over time, Pepe has become a symbol of the alt-right, prompting Furie’s publisher Fantagraphics Books to release a statement condemning “illegal and repulsive appropriations” of the Pepe image.

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The Steam marketplace price of one of the emoticons, ‘Cunning Pepe’, dropped significantly last night, from an average of around $0.60 to a low of $0.23. Despite the fact that the icon is now entirely blank, some versions of the emoticon have been sold since the takedown. Though, Valve are unlikely to issue a refund as in the past they, when they were forced to replace the well-known Kappa emote, no refunds were issued.

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The DJ avatarsubedii avatar
The DJ Avatar
7 Months ago

I see that steam is still greedy for money. Can't even spare 50 cents to all the people who have this. I know it would more a lot of money, but they have a ton since csgo, tf2, dota 2, and all the other games steam makes anyway from selling their games.

subedii Avatar
7 Months ago

That responsibility lies with the person who created and sold an unauthorised copy of someone else's work, not the marketplace.

They should be the ones paying back people who bought from them. Perhaps ask why they haven't issued refunds?