Subnautica update 1.0 will bring the game out of Early Access later this month

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Subnautica has an official release date. A countdown timer on developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment’s website has revealed when the Early Access survival game’s 1.0 launch livestream will go live.

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At the time of writing, that countdown is at 13 days and just under 14 hours. Meaning the livestream will begin at 02:15 GMT on Wednesday January 24 (18:15 on Tuesday January 23 PST). According to Unknown Worlds, the stream will include the premiere of the Subnautica cinematic trailer, interviews with developers, and the live pushing of ‘The Big Red Launch Button’. There’ll also be “real-life sea creatures,” apparently, but their role in proceedings isn’t exactly clear.

The underwater Early Access survival game has been in ongoing development since December 2014, and had initially suggested a late 2017 release date. Since that 2014 date, however, the developers claim it has been entirely playable, and over the past three years the game has received an update every five to eight weeks, on average.

You can watch the full stream on the Subnautica Twitch channel, but if you can’t make it, the whole broadcast will be posted to the YouTube channel straight away. Unknown Worlds say Subnautica’s price will probably rise slightly after it leaves Early Access, so if you want to pick it up at the discounted price, head over to its Steam page.

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