Grab yourself a beta key for The Amazing Eternals, a new shooter from the Warframe devs

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It's not every day you get to melt a skeleton with a ray gun. But that's what we're offering you right here. Yes, we have another chance for you to enter the closed beta for The Amazing Eternals below. 

If you haven't heard of it, The Amazing Eternals is an online shooter that mixes in card game mechanics so you can mix up the abilities of each playable character - their weapons, spells, and boosts. 

The most standout part of this shooter is the eclectic mix of characters on offer and the colourful animations that bring them to life. It's a far cry from the heavy blues seen throughout Warframe - the other online shooter from developers Digital Extremes. The Amazing Eternals looks like a comic book come to life. 

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If you want to get into the beta for The Amazing Eternals then this is your chance. Below, we have over 1,000 keys up for grabs. They won't last long so make sure you grab one - all you have to do is complete one of the actions in the widget to get your key, and then follow these simple steps to redeem it:

  • Sign up/sign in to The Amazing Eternals on its website.
  • Enter your code at in the 'Promo Code' field and click 'Submit'.
  • Download/start up The Amazing Eternals!

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The Amazing Eternals beta giveaway

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