The Division reveals timed DLC exclusivity on Xbox One a day ahead of the game's launch

The Division

It seems a bit strange to wait until the day before launch to announce something like this, but the first two of The Division's paid DLC packs - Underground and Survival - will have a 30-day exclusivity period on Xbox One.

The Division might be out tomorrow, but there's plenty more to come in our list of upcoming PC games.

Starting from the already announced launch dates for The Division's first two DLC packs, PC players will have to wait 30 days for them to be available, because Xbox One players will be getting their filthy console-playing mitts all over New York's tunnel network first. 

Why Ubisoft waited until now to reveal this information I don't know. You'd think it would be announced a bit more in advance - you know, so players who wanted to opt in for early DLC access could've pre-ordered the Xbox One version. 

I honestly don't mind waiting an extra while for some DLC - at least we'll know if it's good or not by the time we get hold of it - but it would have been nice for people to make an informed buying decision. 

If you're looking for more info on The Division ahead of tomorrow's launch, data miners have picked through the game's files and uncovered mission count, weapons and other spoilerific secrets.

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Shriven avatarNukey75 avatarZedClampet avatarAever avatarSkankwOn avatarRock1m1 avatar
Shriven Avatar
1 Year ago

They withheld it for a reason. PC gamers hate this timed bullshit. Now, people will just assume all Ubérzoft titles will have it.

Aever Avatar
1 Year ago

lol, wait until the very last day before droping this shit on PC players. Frack you UBI and frack your game, enjoy the shitstorm coming your way.

For the record, I would be less pissed if this was announced in advance, but this ... this is simply unprofessional of them.

Nukey75 Avatar
1 Year ago

Money talks people!

While there console is losing the battle quite badly to Sony, Microsoft still have money to burn on pointless timed DLC content. Still.......roll on tomorrow! woop woop!!

ZedClampet Avatar
ZedClampet(11 hours played)
1 Year ago

I don't blame Ubisoft for taking the money, but it will likely cost them more in the end as PC gamers buy tons more DLC than console kids who have to ask their moms for their credit cards again.

SkankwOn Avatar
1 Year ago

"It seems a bit strange to wait until the day before launch to announce something like this" ..

No, it seems completely feasible, the big publishers know exactly what they're doing.

Customers < Money. Just wondering when they'll wake up and realise that Customers = Money. Maybe when (some) customers stop lapping this $h!t up!


Rock1m1 Avatar
1 Year ago

On the bright side we don't have to wait an entire year for the DLC.