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Elder Scrolls Online is getting two new dungeons in its new DLC pack next month

Elder Scrolls Online Horns of the Reach

I often think about what’s the most typical Elder Scrolls or general fantasy name. It’s typically that sort of combination of animal and act or object, and the new Elder Scrolls Online DLC has a dungeon that features one of the best: Gherig Bullblood. What a name. 

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This is a part of update 15, which is coming out in August later this year. It features a new DLC pack, a new Battlegrounds map, and a whole bunch of quality of life changes to the game.

That DLC pack is called Horns of the Reach, and features two new dungeons called Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold. The former focuses around a forge that, legends say, was created by a Daedric prince, but is now being used by Gherig Bullblood in some nefarious plans. Falkreath Hold, on the other hand, has you defending Falkreath from a siege, led by Domihaus the Bloody-Horned. Fantasy names, eh?

Those with ESO Plus memberships will have access to Horns of the Reach when it releases alongside the rest of update 15, while everyone else can buy it in the Crown Store. For the full preview post, click here. They also did a little preview of Falkreath Hold over on the Elder Scrolls Online Twitch channel, which you can watch the VOD of here

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QDP2 avatarLolssi avatar
QDP2 Avatar
10 Months ago

Ok, so ESO can expect no more real content to be included in its DLCs anymore.

In case any aren't aware, ESO 'DLC' is given for free to ESO Plus subscribers (at £9 a month). This subscription earned you access to all content pre-Morrowind, but since May '16 there hasn't been any map-based DLC released. Considering that ZOS released the Imperial City, Orsinium, the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood each 3 months apart since release (all given to Plus subscribers as part of the DLC deal), subscribers have been getting screwed over since.

Now offers to the DLC title are limited to the odd couple of dungeons, whilst maps like Morrowind (which sure, had sentimental value, but in gameplay terms was smaller than Wrothgar) are restricted to this new title: Chapters. Depressingly the subscription also adds a craft bag to the player, holding an unlimited amount of crafting materials (a necessity should you want to get into crafting). To stop subscribing would be the same as to stop crafting (as bank space isn't large enough for all those materials, never-mind player inventory).

Bets are the next true 'DLC' to release will be in 2020+, when Bethesda releases TES6. Odds are it'll be a Free-LC at that, just to increase player count and stop everyone from running away from their pit-stop of a game. ZOS want more income from players, but they have become more and more irritatingly greedy lately.

Lolssi Avatar
10 Months ago

You can craft just fine without crafting bag. I haven't even fully updated my bank yet and have no issues to speak of. Sure my bank is full but I have so much room in my inventory. Just get rid of the lower tier materials. If someone needs you to craft something they will also provide the materials.

But yeah I'm not spending my crowns on instance only DLCs. Then again Morrowind + DLC 15€ wasn't big deal to me.