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Feeling antisocial? Here are eight MMOs you can basically play alone

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There’s a lot to like about MMOs: the humongous new worlds, the compulsive clicking, the levelling that never really ends. Everything but the people milling around in them, really. At least the rats in Skinner’s box only went in one at a time - they didn’t have to put up with the squeak of fellow rodents “looking for group” every 30 seconds.

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It’s this social irritant that’s inspired this week’s entry to the List Abyss (which you can find over on the PCGamesN YouTube channel): a selection of MMOs for misanthropes. These are the games you play if you want something massive and online without committing to the multiplayer part.

A name like ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ promises the atmosphere of Skyrim with an internet connection. And sure enough, it makes for a great isolationist adventure in the mode of the single-player Elder Scrolls games. Leave the larger dungeons to the guilds and crouch-walk in the opposite direction, I say.

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Belimawr Avatar
1 Year ago

why do all these things have to be videos now? I realise it is easier than having to actually write something but I honestly hate going to sights and then have to sit and watch someone prattle on about random things to fill time instead of being bale to just go to a web page and reference what I want to know or see without having to sit through a bunch of stuff I have no interest in.

honestly I think video will be the death of these types of site as they are making them self redundant as if you are just going to have to watch a video you may as well go watch videos by some high end youtuber instead of someone trying to jump on the youtuber bandwagon to get clicks.

nu1mlock Avatar
1 Year ago

On the contrary, videos is what makes sites like this more money than ad revenue on their site.

I never watch the videos either and would like it if whatever they said in the video also was available to read. That way it would cater to both groups.

Droniac Avatar
1 Year ago

Actually, you have that the wrong way around.

The video likely required a script, recording someone voicing that script, finding/capturing appropriate game footage, editing it all together, rendering, uploading, etc. It'd have taken more time and is technically more involved / difficult.

An article would involve writing the article and optionally finding a couple screenshots or videos to link to. Maybe some editing. Then submit and done.

A video like this normally takes substantially more time and effort to produce than a similar top-X-list article, in my experience.

That being said, I did click this expecting an article, not a video. Or at least a written summary beneath the video. It might be an idea to clearly label categories of posts on the front page? "Interview", "Review", "Video", etc.

jadaar Avatar
1 Year ago

Pretty good article, except the bit about Eve Online. Eve's only reason for existing is a meeting place for sociopaths. There really isn't anything else to do in-game except be shitty to others. Why did they offer a FTP option? Fresh Victims!

BraveToaster Avatar
1 Year ago

The term is asocial, pls fix

also yeah asocial dweebs like me prefer to not watch videos, knock it off

Spaztic Glitch Avatar
1 Year ago

Eve is too point and click for me. If you want a space game that you don't need to or almost never encounter another person, I'd recommend Elite: Dangerous. Flying the ships are more entertaining, even in open play you almost never see another living person, they have solo play, and if you want to play with a friend but still want to not deal with anyone who isn't an npc then you can make a private group.

Best space game in my opinion.

Lolssi Avatar
1 Year ago

Exactly why ESO is my favorite. Also didn't watch video either.