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The Witcher 4 release date, news, trailer, story - everything we know

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Will there be a Witcher 4? We hope so, even if CD Projekt has yet to set any Witcher 4 release date.

We know that the beautiful Beauclair sun has set for now on Geralt’s adventures in The Witcher series, depending on how your epic story ended. However, we simply can’t be without monsters to slay and humans to lay, and The Witcher 4 would be the finest way to do it for another hundred hours.

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With more game of the year awards than any other game in history and over 25 million in sales, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was some achievement. For many, The Witcher 3 wasn’t just game of the year of 2015, but the game of the generation, with its spellbinding, nuanced story and captivating fantasy world. And that’s before you get cracking with some of the best story DLC ever with Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine.

So, surely, making The Witcher 4 is a no-brainer. However, it’s going to be some time before we can set out into the most wonderful realisation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s medieval world once again.

The developers at CD Projekt Red have enough on their plates with spin-off CCG Gwent: The Witcher Card Game and the eagerly awaited Cyberpunk 2077.

That said, we do have some exciting nuggets of info to sate your appetite before you can even think about another round of monster murder. Below you’ll find everything we know about The Witcher 4.

The Witcher 4 release date

The Witcher 4 everything we know

There is no Witcher 4 release date yet - expect to wait at least a few years before we get any concrete details on the next game in the series. The Witcher 3 took three-and-a-half years of active development to complete, and we can’t find any evidence to confirm The Witcher 4 is even planned, let alone in development.

In fact, CD Projekt co-founder Marcin Iwinski stressed that The Witcher 4 is not being made and “won’t be any time soon.” Speaking to Eurogamer, Iwinski made the prospect of The Witcher 4 seem even more unlikely: “This is the end […] there won’t be any Witcher any time soon - if there ever will be one.” Back to struggling with The Witcher 1’s archaic mechanics for us, then.

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In better news, however, in March 2018 it was discovered in a CD Projekt Red management report that the company are planning to release their next unannounced project by the end of 2021. It is not set in stone that this is in any way a Witcher 4 release date, but the report states that this mystery game is ">

The Witcher 4 news

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Ok, we will have to start with some sad The Witcher 4 news. We knew, even before it released, that The Witcher 3 was certain to be the last game to feature grizzled Geralt as the main protagonist. “We are not killing the world and walking away from it,” Iwinski said to Polygon during a 2013 tech demo, “but we will definitely want to make this game the finale in a big way.” Tantalisingly, he added: “we might even include Geralt in later games, potentially.” Any more of the White Wolf is a win in our book.

Later, in December 2015, CD Projekt’s CEO, Adam Kicinski, said that forgetting about The Witcher would be “unfair to the fans” in an interview with Polish TV station TVN24 BiS. But he did add that, at that stage, it was “too early to talk about it.”

The Witcher 4

In March this year, in an investors call, Iwinski said, “we’ll think about [making a new Witcher game] at some point” but admitted that the series “deserves some rest.” We’ll have to agree to disagree.

Doug Cockle - aka the voice of Geralt - confirmed that (at least to his knowledge) our favourite white-haired curmudgeon won't be back any time soon in an EGX 2017 panel. 

Kicinski repeated that each Witcher entry released so far was conceived as a trilogy, but that there would be a future game set in this world in some form, in an interview with Polish financial site Strefainwestorow. This was then translated by ResetEra in November 2017.

The Witcher 4 story

Even if you didn’t wring every drop of griffin blood out of The Witcher 3 by completing the Blood and Wine DLC and ticking off every question mark, Geralt’s final outing ended definitively. There were 40 different endings but, regardless of the outcome, there was little room left for a new, full-fat adventure with Geralt at the helm.

So, Geralt is out but, as charmingly rugged as he is, there are a slew of interesting characters in Sapkowski’s world that could more than handle the role of main playable character in The Witcher 4. We’re going to mention some The Witcher 3 spoilers now, so come back when you’ve finished deciding the fate of the Nilfgaardian Empire.

The Witcher 4 everything we know

First, we would like to see Ciri take the lead in her role as a full-time monster hunter in The Witcher 4. If you got this ending, it’d be an arresting prospect to live the life of Ciri, empress of Nilfgaard. Dragon Age: Inquisition-style, we could negotiate, barter, and command armies to settle disputes across the empire. And, if Ciri died in your game, well, we’ll leave you to grieve.

Even better, we could follow a new witcher through the notoriously dangerous Trial of the Grasses. Many budding witchers perish in this brutal training programme, but there’s plenty of story potential there. Or we could be transported back 1,500 years before the events of the novels to the Conjunction of the Spheres, the cataclysm trapping the many monsters of The Witcher in our dimension. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the narratives The Witcher 4 could pursue. 

The Witcher 4 trailer

To have a The Witcher 4 trailer we’d need it to actually exist, first. Perhaps we can will it into existence if we all collectively pray to the Eternal Fire. Anyway, you can get nostalgic all over again with this tenth anniversary video of the series below.

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That’s all we or anyone else will have for you on The Witcher 4 right now. We’re probably going to be in for a long wait - so make sure you've played through all the Witcher 3 DLC before complaining too much.


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JMiles2 Avatar
7 Months ago

> "The Witcher 4 release date, news, trailer, story - everything we know"

But isn't the whole point that.... uh.... you don't know anything about Witcher 4....

bgray9054 Avatar
9 Months ago

Definitely would love to get another trilogy. Don't want to play as Ciri though - would like a new male Witcher that we could potentially follow from the beginning of his story. Would like to see CDPR hire a professional writer to flesh out new characters potentially 20-50 years down the road after Blood & Wine. So many awesome places and things that could happen. I REALLY hope they make a new one soon. This is easily the best game series I've ever played and I've been gaming for 30+ years.

Ben Barrett Avatar
9 Months ago

Why male?

SwiftKillings Avatar
4 Months ago

Because females didn't survive the Trials of Grass.

Mrlollztheepicgamer Avatar
8 Months ago

Man i finished witcher 3 still got hearts of stone 20% to complete and whole blood and wine. I was just wondering can they make a game about when Geralt was travelling with Ciri as she was becoming a witcher? Because in the quest log if you read the last mission at the end it says something like if you were wondering what happened during that time it's compeletly diffrent story to tell. Maybe we won't lose Geralt and Ciri? I really hope so. And beefore you say i know there's diffrent endings but the game would depend on the ending you choose and if Ciri was lost than she just somehow comes back because it's not 100% that she died during the bad ending. Anyway this is the best game ever I love it so much. Thanks for the anwsers.

Harry Shepherd Avatar
7 Months ago

That's a really nice tease - I completely missed that! Also a very cool idea, I'd really like to play a Witcher game with a younger Ciri. Unfortunately, all indications point towards Geralt not coming back, or at least not for a long time. You've also got loads to look forward to with the DLC: Hearts of Stone is one of the best Witcher stories ever and Blood and Wine is also excellent. We did a few features recently to celebrate the first game's 10th anniversary, so be sure to give them a read:

SelfCombusted Avatar
4 Months ago

the bad ending doesn't necessarily mean ciri dies, she just goes missing and is assumed to be dead.

TsunamiWombat Avatar
7 Months ago

Please no.