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The Division 2 release date - all the latest details on the post-apocalyptic shooter

the division 2 release date

When is The Division 2’s release date? Loads of The Division 2 trailers and gameplay details have been revealed at E3 2018 so we have gathered them all up for you here.

The Division 2 is well on its way, kickstarting months of speculation in the run-up to its debut reveal during Microsoft's conference at E3 2018. The official reveal of the game was short and sweet; there was some fake stage banter between a group of four playing the game, as well as a brief introductory trailer detailing how America began to rebuild in the wake of the deadly virus that caused the events of The Division.

The Division 2 will be best with some squad mates, so while you're waiting for it get ready by checking out the best multiplayer games on PC.

It did, however, disclose enough information to allow us to start piecing together some details about the game - now we know much more about The Division 2’s setting, new specialisations, and the much better expanded endgame. Find out all about this and more in our guide to everything we know about The Division 2. We've even got a Division 2 release date.

The Division 2 release date

The Division 2's release date was announced at E3 2018 - we go to post-apocalyptic Washington DC on March 15, 2019.

Ubisoft does not keep its hype trains running as long as it once did - Watch Dogs 2 was announced at E3 2016 and released later that same year. In contrast, the original Watch Dogs took two years to launch after its debut announcement, and there was an almost three year wait for The Division.

The Division 2 trailer

There are two The Division 2 trailers, and one of them is the cinematic footage above. Giving us a feel for the nightmare that is post-apocalypse America, we see what appears to be an idyllic community fenced off against a hellish lawless outside. We can assume most of The Division's US reflects the latter, and your team of agents are sorely needed. 

The other The Division 2 trailer give us a glimpse of the upcoming shooter's gameplay. In it, we see a four-player squad of agents taking on a side mission, and co-ordinating as they assault an enemy position.

The Division 2 setting

The Division 2

The Division 2 setting is Washington D.C. The game's reveal at E3 makes reference to the White House, the Pentagon, the National Mall, and other major D.C. landmarks, referencing the American Civil War and the American War of Independence.

The trailer also seemed to show gameplay around the United States Botanic Garden, before we see a squad of players head towards Capitol Hill in an attempt to take back the city.

With those landmarks in mind, I'd say it's pretty likely you'll also be visiting places like The Washington Monument, as well as the bunkers that exist under the city to protect military and political personnel. There's even a mission set around the wreck of what looks to be Air Force One.

It's also worth noting that while the first Division game took place in winter, the setting of The Division 2 brings the game to the following summer, six months after the events of the first game, and around seven months after the outbreak of the virus that caused the downfall of America in the first place.

The Division 2 factions

the division 2 factions

Enemies in The Division were split into key factions: Rioters, who were regular folk taking advantage of the disaster; the Rikers, escapees from Rikers Island; The Cleaners, blue-collar workers using their sanitation equipment to eliminate the infected; and the Last Man Battalion, a rogue private military company. 

The Division 2 reveal trailer suggests we'll be getting factions back. An NPC references "those True Sons assholes" in a line of dialogue, so it seems that those will be one of the factions in the new game. That's the only faction mentioned specifically, but there's also a mention of factions who may exist within the Capitol, as well as in the bunkers beneath the Pentagon.

The Division 2 beta

The Division 2 has a beta and you can sign up for it right now. If you head to the The Division 2's official website, you can sign up "for a chance to play the beta." That suggests that not everyone will get access to what would therefore seem to be a closed beta. There is currently no release date for The Division 2 beta.

The Division 2 Dark Zone

the division 2 dark zone

The main story is a great introduction to The Division, but the bulk of its appeal came from the Dark Zone - a terrifying, lawless PvP segment of NYC. The Dark Zone has been confirmed for The Division 2 but we don’t how much about how it is going to change.

A little like DayZ, every other player in the zone was potentially hostile, and could stab you in the back without even a moment’s notice. The best loot in the game could be found here, and you would need to extract it with tense helicopter rescues in order to secure it for use in the PvE areas.

The Dark Zone was a fascinating idea in 2016, but it would need a few extra features to deliver the same kind of magic in 2018. It already possesses some of the core features of the popular battle royale genre, but can Massive Entertainment offer a new spin on survival scenarios that beat the highs of Fortnite and PUBG?

The Division 2 endgame

The Division 2 endgame

Perhaps the key letdown of The Division was its lack of content. Beyond the campaign and Dark Zone, the base game had little to offer, and DLC failed to fully rectify this. This time, Ubisoft and Massive are expanding late-game content considerably. And in case you’re worried about the main story petering out by the time you reach this stage of the game, Ubisoft also promise that The Division 2 ending will feature a huge twist to keep players hooked for all the endgame content.

First, we’re getting eight-player raids in The Division 2. According to Ubi’s official site: “These challenging missions will test the skill, communication, and teamwork of even the most expert Agents.” That’s all we know at this point, but this sounds similar in philosophy to Destiny 2’s six-player raids.

Further bulking out the main game are the three major pieces of free The Division 2 DLC, otherwise known as ‘episodes’. All will come out in the first year after The Division 2 release date with ‘title updates’ - which, with other Ubisoft games in mind - such as new gear and balancing changes. Compared with The Division's relatively meagre two DLCs, this appears to be a much more generous offering.

There are also new gameplay wrinkles once you reach the level cap of 30. The Division 2 specialisations give you a new progress system and sends you down the new gameplay paths of the Sharpshooter, Demolitionist, or Survivalist. You start by selecting a new signature weapon. For instance, Sharpshooters get the .50 caliber sniper rifle that penetrates multiple foes and the Demolitionist gets a special grenade launcher. And you can take on and level up new specialisations as you sink more time into The Division 2 endgame.

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Aever avatarrickcarufel avatar
Aever Avatar
3 Months ago

The DZ sounded good at first, but after playing for more than 10 minutes it quickly becomes clear that it is a better PvE than PvP mode. I would like to see it expanded in that direction, people coming together to fight tough mobs for great loot. Exploration, random events ... all work great in this setting.

For PvP, there are better ways, implemented in great many other games. Just don't mix PvE and PvP ... what happens is that people that aren't looking for PvP will be frustrated when someone kills and steals their hard earned loot and leave. Without something to kill, the PvP-ers, which are generally players that like to pray on weaker targets, will also leave.

Right now, most DZ zones are used for PvE by people trying to gear up. The loot is great and there is no incentive to kill another player. It's easier to team up and farm the mobs. Once in a while the peace is broken by players coming to grieve everyone, usually wearing far superior gear and using "meta" specs.

rickcarufel Avatar
1 Week ago

The infantile sociopaths who infest MMOs are already griefing people in FB groups by threatening to attack them in the game when it comes out for saying they don't like forced pvp, pay to win games copied from the predatory Asia game model. The mentally ill who infest such games are why people play single play games in the first place. Bethesda has betrayed their single player fan base with this.