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Two Worlds II now includes microtransactions

Update June 18, 2017: Console commands are back in the game now, after being removed unexpectedly.

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Along with the bizarre addition of microtransations in a seven-year-old game, console commands were removed earlier this week. After receiving a lot of complaints, a promise to put them in again was made. Now, according to several users on Steam and Reddit, they are finally working once more. 

Original story: Topware Interactive have introduced a new piece of DLC for Two Worlds II after a rather long dry spell for content. Unfortunately, it appears they've also introduced microtransations into the game as well. 

Fans aren't exactly pleased with the decision if this Reddit post in particular is any indication. Microtransactions being added to a game that's nearly seven years old isn't something that's rubbing players the right way, especially with Steam discussions and Reddit commenters taking note of performance issues in-game after updates, invalid product codes being offered to customers, and frustrating DRM issues. 

Originally, problems also stemmed from the fact that the microtransaction store had effectively disabled console commands, meaning you could no longer use anything considered as "cheating" in-game without reaching for your wallet. This was understandably frustrating, since many players utilized these commands to fool around in-game or for other purposes. Redditor thepostaldud3 has since announced that they have spoken with the developer on Steam, who apparently stated that the console commands will be re-added to the game.  

Aside from microtransactions, the game is getting some additional content. There's a season pass coming that will include four pieces of DLC spread throughout the rest of 2017, with Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae leading things off and followed by Two Worlds II: Shattered Embrace in Q4 2017. The other two pieces of content, Two Worlds II: Echoes of the Dark Past and a map pack, will release in Q2 2017 and Q3 2017. 

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Darksx avatarDarkedone02 avatarhfm avatar
Darksx Avatar
11 Months ago

What a bunch of low life scumbags Topware is. They have the steam forums up in arms right now Jim Sterling even did a special video on them about this lame crap. A game thats now 8 years old too. so fricking lame!

Darkedone02 Avatar
11 Months ago

Yeah... not even going to buy any of those microtransactions at all, even if you did actually got rid of the console commands, that's not going to stop people from downloading cheat trainers and cheat engine tables to bypass all that bullshit in some degree.

hfm Avatar
11 Months ago

I recall liking it back at release. I think the only way I could get it back then was to grey-market it from Zuxxez (2011). I don't even know if I still have the download and all the info to install it again.

Maybe I'll wait until all the main expansion content is available in one shot on sale in Steam and jump back in.

EDIT: Looking through my email I see I opened a support request with Topware about this a year and a half ago with zero response. I still have my original product keys and purchase info from the digital zuxxez purchase. None of the links work though, seems Topware owns Zuxxez. I can't find any record that I ever bought it in their systems. Hrm..