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Ubisoft hits South Park with censorship stick, not PEGI

South Park: The Stick of Truth censorship

South Park: The Stick of Truth is finally released; here's our glowing South Park: The Stick of Truth review.

South Park: The Stick of Truth has been hit by the censorship stick in the UK, Europe, Australia, parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. But according the the European Video Standards body, the folk behind PEGI, this has nothing to do with them.

In the UK, the game in its entirety was deemed acceptable for an 18 rating. But Ubisoft decided to censor their own game, a Video Standards rep informed VG24/7, for marketing reasons.

Anal probing and abortion scenes were removed by Ubisoft, along with swastikas just for Germany - the latter is for legal reasons as it remains against the law in Germany to display Nazi iconography. 

“The game was assessed by us and deemed acceptable for a PEGI 18 rating,” said the Video Standards rep. While the body can refuse to rate a game, making it illegal to be sold, it has no control over what is or isn’t censored. And in this case, they did not refuse to give South Park: The Stick of Truth a rating. 

But what makes this situation a little strange is the inconsistency of the censorship. Console versions of the game are affected, but the PC version is free from the censorship in some regions where the console version is not. 

We're reviewing it right now, and I can confirm I’ve seen more anal probing scenes than any person should ever see.

South Park: The Stick of Truth is out on March 7th in the UK and March 4th in the US.

Cheers, VG24/7

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Shriven avatarGwathdring avatarBelimawr avatar
Gwathdring Avatar
4 Years ago

Huh. That's ... and oddly precise way to go about distributing content. I will say that while it strips them of some degree of creative integrity (if the content doesn't serve the game, it should be out in all regions, not just the ones where you want to avoid offending customers outright and otherwise you should just deal with possibly alienating customers because the game is what it is or else finally not use the SOUTH PARK trademark in the first place because for better or for worse offending people is sort of South Park's *thing*) ... sorry, that was a long parenthetical. Let's try it again: while it strips them of some creative integrity, I don't see it as a problem that the company targets different regions with different content. To the extent that it is a problem, we should not be concerned for the *customers,* as much as the *developers* and artists who produced this work--I would be concerned about how aware they were of this final intent and how much input they got into the penultimate region-based censoring.

But I think it would be strange of us to see this as Ubisoft keeping content away from the customer, censoring the customer. This is Ubisoft respecting--however eptly I cannot wager--the broad cultural mores and timbres of their various global audiences, making their game enjoyable and acceptable in places where it might otherwise have been unpopular or outright banned.

There's a fuzzy line here, of course, between respecting the broad cultural systems of an area and legitimizing problematic state censorship in this or that nation by catering to it. It's not always clear where that line lies, but it's fairly clear, I feel, that Ubisoft's action here is at least partially on the OK side of that line.

Belimawr Avatar
4 Years ago

last I read this was only the PS3 and 360 versions, I thought the PC version was safe from the change.

Shriven Avatar
4 Years ago

Can they be any more hated? Do they even know?