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Topic of the Week: What do you want from Dawn of War 3?

Oh me, oh my, oh ho - Dawn of War 3 was announced and that’s got us all (read: Ben) very excited. If you’re quite done paying off the debts this means you owe the dark gods of Chaos, it’s time for our topic of the week, and it makes the perfect centerpiece: what do you want to see from the game?

Make sure you know everything we are getting in Dawn of War 3 with our handy guide.

Info is still quite scarce currently, but that just means more to speculate on. For me, more races is the most obvious demand. While I’d be interested to see what Relic can do when focused in on a tight group of three, I’m far more excited about getting to watch my favoured Chaos Space Marines trucking across the battlefield and slaughtering their enemies. There’s the weirder elements of the universe it would be good to see represented too - the Tau, Necrons and Sisters of Battle from the first game spring to mind most easily.

But what about you? Do you want a massive campaign, or are you more interested in multiplayer? How important is co-op? Which units are you hoping to see? How do you feel about customisation and sticking to the 40k lore, or are you not bothered about that and just want a good RTS to play? Tell us in the comments below.

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「Spaerk」 Avatar
2 Years ago

Everything I've seen so far looks quite promising - I'm especially happy about them doing a proper campaign again rather than letting you just play the same couple of missions with 8 different races and only a few changed lines of dialog.

A lot of the other races will probably come with addons or DLC. Chaos and IG should be guaranteed but I'd also like to see the Tau and Necrons again.

*sigh* Avatar
2 Years ago

Orks Orks Orks Orks. At least now theyre finally looking a match for marines.

No more moba DOW2 shit. The world has enough mobas. Or theres last stand for that.

Ive tried Act of war, Deserts of kharak, none seem to scratch that itch. I fall back to modded SS or DC or CnC generals.

Hopefully they get the single player down first. Even if it sounds a bit star crafty atm.

At this point I'm expecting a COH 2 AA reskined game with the leader being a moba type character, base building there, but minimal.

What Id really like to see is a film maker like TF2s. Might get that movie fans have wanted.

Empyre Avatar
2 Years ago

A new 3D engine.

MrAptronym Avatar
2 Years ago

I like the Eldar and the Adepta Sororitas, aso I'd like to see the sisters added in. That is kind of a longshot for anytime soon though. In general I'd like an interesting single player and a lot of customization. Also balance! The first Dawn of War was really well balanced at the start but sort of went off the rails.

I wouldn't mind playing as Tau or Necrons either.

Silentius Avatar
2 Years ago

While I preferred the scale of the first DOW, I liked how the second placed greater emphasis on special characters: a key feature of the table top game. So, as you can imagine, I'm fairly chuffed to hear the devs are seeking a best of both approach for DOW III. I fancy Relic will overcome the scaling issues by allowing the player to build a squad sized command retinue around their hero/es. This will presumably form a battlefield unit in the main game: a unit which will be directly managed during smaller scale, narrative driven, missions.

From the description provided by the press release, it sounds like combat will not be limited to a single theatre, but will instead be truly galactic in scale... For me this is a positive, as it allows for near endless expansion possibilities

Naturally I'd like to see more races... The quote at the beginning of the trailer suggests Necrons are an absolute shoe-in (see the same quote used here: If I remember correctly they're mentioned a few times in the DOW II Retribution campaigns, so their inclusion would make sense from a narrative standpoint. Add to that the fact that a Necron Lord unit was only recently added to DOW II: Last Stand and I think there's a pretty strong case for them appearing at some stage or other, which is great cos what's not to like about ancient, undead, robot killing machines.

6lack Avatar
1 Year ago

Hi everyone, ive been playing Dawn of War since the first one came back in 2004. Ive personally enjoyed the Winter Assault/Dark Crusade games more. I know i loved the layout of thier campaigns along with Soulstorm, i think add in some galaxies and worlds that players can compete for and it will go huge. I dont like what they are doing with DoW 3, its too much imo. I think if you want to hit the large fan base create something similiar to Clash of Clans, and by that i mean a type of trophy system fighting over territory with shorter battles. That way i think people would keep playing for longer, i know i stopped playing DoW 2 after 200 hours because it started being repetitive. Im currently on 8000 hours for DotA 2 and looking to go pro, hope my voice matters.

MuscleSpark Avatar
2 Years ago

Chaos and no base building. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)