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Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide burns fur with its mage class

Vermintide mage

Vermintide - the Warhammer game that’s Left 4 Dead with Skaven rat men - will have a robust set of classes for co-op players to control when it releases later this year. Developer Fatshark has offered a few details on the mage class, which will be represented by Sienna Fuegonasus.

Fuegonasus is a Bright Wizard, one of Warhammer’s classic mage types, and is a long time addict to fire magic. She’s in her very mature years, and comes bundled with a distinct sense of humour. 

“We automatically pictured this temperamental individual as an elderly woman,” said Fatshark in a blog post.  

“Not only were we avoiding the classical silver bearded wizard but the thought of having one of the most complex and powerful members of our group of heroes be a lady with a wicked sense of humor just felt like a perfect fit.”

Fuegonasus comes to the city of Ubersreik as a prisoner, but the Skaven outbreak happens before she can be put on trial, allowing her to head out and burn things instead of hang from the gallows. 

Vermintide’s four other classes are the Waywatcher, the Empire Soldier, Dwarf Ranger, and Witch Hunter, with each one offering very different variations on ranged and melee combat. You’ll be able to play as any of them when Vermintide releases later this year.

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El Burrito avatarDivenity avatar
Divenity Avatar
2 Years ago

I'm a little disappointed that there is no Warrior Priest, given how big of a "thing" they are in Warhammer, but still very interested.

El Burrito Avatar
2 Years ago

Also I hope they add a Dwarf Skavenslayer at some point.

El Burrito Avatar
2 Years ago

As fine as their reasoning is for having an elderly woman be the bright wizard, they are still missing out by not having a classical bearded wizard, although by way of him being a bright wizard, his beard should be various shades of red no matter his age!