We Happy Few is going up to $50.99 in a week

We Happy Few

Drug-fuelled survival game We Happy Few is leaving Early Access soon. To mark the occasion, it’s getting a big old content update and a price hike. 

There’s quite a few happy survival games in our list there. 

We Happy Few has never been on sale, as the devs say it wouldn’t be fair on early adopters and Kickstarter backers. Since launch, it’s been priced at $29.99. On August 16, that’s shooting up to $50.99. 

One of the things that’s changing is the dialogue in quests, which should now reflect the fact that the NPCs in We Happy Few all know each other. They’re attempting to make conversations feel more natural and reflect that. 

Elsewhere, the programming team are working on procedural cities, UI improvements, and fixing crashing issues. The animation team is working on a bunch of cinematic, idle, and ambient animations to make NPCs seem more human. 

See the full changes on the announcement post

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1 Week ago

This game doesn't stand a chance, does it?