WoW Battle for Azeroth dataminers unearth a Diablo-themed pet


With Battle for Azeroth fast approaching, World of Warcraft dataminers have been digging up juicy bits from the upcoming expansion at a frankly alarming rate. Another new item has been dug up this week, though this one has people wondering if it’s a promotional item, and if so, what that means for a somewhat dormant Blizzard series.

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Baa’l is a disturbingly adorable demon goat pet, with flavour text reporting “Not much is known about this otherworldly minion.” You can get a better look at him via Wowhead. With an allowance for apostrophes and animal punnery, Baal is a name that certainly evokes Blizzard’s demon-focused franchise.

After years waiting for any substantial announcement, Diablo fans are now clinging to little Baa’l with hope that it means some kind of announcement for the franchise is on the way. Baa’l could be a potential promotional item for anything from a Diablo 3 expansion to a Diablo 2 remaster or even Diablo 4. It could mean Baal (the Diablo character) is arriving in Heroes of the Storm. Or it could mean nothing at all.

The one thing we know for sure is a demonic pet has been built for WoW, and anything that could possibly indicate is a matter of pure speculation. Look forward to BlizzCon 2018 in the meantime.