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XCOM 3 nearly happened instead of War of the Chosen

XCOM 3 War of the Chosen

XCOM 2’s newly-announced War of the Chosen is far bigger than previous DLC for the game. In fact, it’s twice the size of Enemy Within, the sole expansion for XCOM 1. So large is it that Firaxis considered calling it XCOM 3 instead.

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“We definitely talked about that,” lead designer Jake Solomon told Polygon. “We have a lot of features that could have been the basis for a sequel, but for us a sequel also requires an entirely new narrative.”

It’s surprising to hear that the only thing stopping War of the Chosen from being XCOM 3 is a new plot, but it also makes sense. XCOM 2 gets its identity, and half of its key mechanics, from being a guerilla story - it’s the primary thing that distinguishes it from the organised resistance of the original game.

War of the Chosen has a Shadow of Mordor-style Nemesis system and a bold new approach to factions. But it’ll still be same story of daring raids and costly escapes.

“We’re very systems-oriented and so, for us, this is an opportunity to make a new experience, a new game,” Solomon added. “But we’re not going to totally replace the narrative.”

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen will be out on August 29th. The very same as its genre-mate, Mario + Rabbids, in fact.

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*sigh* avatarDarkedone02 avatar
*sigh* Avatar
10 Months ago

Long war 2 took me 12 days play time to conquer the world and research all researches. So yeah, Ill pick it up, but ill probably wait for Pavonis to get their grubby little mitts on it and make long war of the chosen.

The boss system sounds like theyve refined the alien bosses and added a thats my bro system. Which was is the game til they cut it.

So far, most of what theyve announced can currently be modded in.

Is this a standalone or dlc.

Darkedone02 Avatar
10 Months ago

I'm kinda happy that one of the hero classes are rebellious aliens willingly to join our cause, I wish we have more loreful backstory in the game, find why the aliens are attacking us, what planet they came from, etc etc... also curious of why are they these rebellious aliens are rebelling... curious curious curious.